Printing Asset Tags
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Types of custom asset tags

Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to managing your important items by using custom asset tags. Asset tags are available in a wide range of materials and styles — from aluminum labels and tamper-evident tags, to multi-part labels and laminated tags. Any reputable retailer will have a wide selection to meet your needs.

AlumiGuard™ labels

AlumiGuard Labels

Need a label that’s as tough as nails? AlumiGuard™ labels are made of three separate layers of aluminum and special coating, making them perfectly-suited for rugged environments. Routinely used on boats, power tools and machinery, these labels are perfect for outdoor use. The base of the tag is constructed out of a sturdy sheet of aluminum. The label information is embedded on the second layer, which protects barcodes and company information from fading and smudging. The top layer features a clear protective coating that keeps the label looking like new. A high-bond adhesive on the back of the label ensures that the label will stick to any item.
Tamper-evident labels

Tamper-evident Labels

Tamper-evident labels are a good way to prevent vandalism and theft of property in the workplace. Made to partially come apart upon removal, you can immediately tell if someone has attempted to alter or peel off the label. There are a variety of shapes and patterns to choose from, ranging from octagons, butterfly and rounded rectangular labels to destructible vinyl, voiding and checkerboard patterns. These labels can feature barcode information to make items easier to track, or a company’s name and logo to easily identify company property. From warranties and computers to automotive parts and durable goods, these labels will help keep your valuable items secure.

PermaGuard™  asset tags

PermaGuard Asset Tags

With a thick laminated surface that repels liquids and dirt, PermaGuard™labels withstand the test of time. Ideal for frequent-use items such as computers and outdoor equipment, these labels can feature barcodes, numbers or company information. These asset labels have a scratch-resistant three-millimeter thick layer of plastic, which protects labels from liquids and chemicals. You can choose from a matte coating, which reduces glare, or a glossy finish, which makes the surface easy to clean. The label’s rounded corners and permanent adhesive backing ensure that it will stick to any surface. PermaGuard™ labels are also very conformable, making them a great fit for curved surfaces.
FoilGuard™ asset labels

FoilGuard Asset Labels

Made out of pliable aluminum, FoilGuard™ asset labels are an affordable — and durable — option for identifying a variety of items, including audio equipment, computer hardware and medical devices. Labels are digitally printed, making it easy to incorporate a multi-colored company logo or custom design in your label. These two-millimeter thick aluminum labels also feature 3M 320 adhesive, which allows labels to stick to both metal and smooth plastic surfaces.